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Delicious plant-based Estonian gourmet on your dining tabel

Do you know that you can save the most from global warming through your food choices, especially meat consumption?

Cooking with Thormi

You can use Thormi in all your favourite dishes where you are used to minced meat.



The Future is plant-based and you will love it!

Did you know that one beef steak produces about 9 x more greenhouse gases, wastes 12 x more agricultural land and consumes 200 x more water than Thormi plant-based protein burger does.
However, vegetarian food is not only important to save the world. Your body likes it too.
Increasing the proportion of vegetarian food ensures better health – helps to control weight, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and keeps the gut functioning.

Thormi is made for omnivores,  but loved also by vegans!

Our products

Thormi burger contains 18% of protein, and the mixture of pea and oat protein used gives the product the property of its amino acid profile being practically identical to animal meat, which is highly appreciated by many consumers.

Our plant-based sausages are flavored with sun-dried tomatoes. Its texture and taste is very similar to meat sausages. The product consists mainly of oat protein and pea protein, added 10% of sun-dried tomatoes, Iron and B vitamins. The sausages are in an edible vegan shell, which is suitable for both grilling and frying.

Thormi’s range also includes delicious plant-based Mediterranean-style and Asian-style vegetable protein dumplings.

Thormi vegetable protein dumplings contain 55% juicy vegetable filling, the main composition of which is pea and oat protein.
Dammit! How is this possible? How can a plant based meat taste so good! Global warming is, a very serious problem. By consuming Thormi, you can reduce the amount of volatile methane. I really enjoyed this guilt-free burger without cow fart 🙂
Indrek saul
Organic Growth Consultant
I have used Thormi in very different dishes. It is amazing how multifunctional raw material Thormi can be. You can use it in soups, salads, pies, stews and in all foods you have used minced meat so far.
Mari-Liis Ilover
Food Stylist and Blogger
Wow, this is really good! I cannot believe this is not meat. Thormi tastes like real meat but it is much lighter.
James Werts